Frequently Asked Questions

Are silver baby rattles harmless to health of babies?

We do our best to ensure high quality and purity of the used precious metals. A rattle made of silver is antibacterial, so it destroys microbes. 

Where are the Greg & Rich rattles manufactured?

Exclusively in Europian union, in Slovakia. Silver rattles and jewellery are handmade by our professional jewellers. We buy precious metals only from suppliers with a certification and a long tradition.

Have the Greg & Rich rattles passed an inspection of the Assay Office?

Yes, of course. The original rattles and every piece of jewellery by Greg & Rich are marked with a hall mark and responsibility mark.

Is it possible to have the silver rattle packed as a gift?

Each of our silver rattles is a little jewel and therefore our packaging is careful and unique. The white box with the typical logo of a duck is lined with soft felt of pure wool and includes also a protective bag of 100% silk. We enclose also an original cloth for cleaning silver and a brochure. The rattle is attached by ribbons with our logo so that the donee finds it exactly where it should be.

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