Golden ladies´ earrings "Bubbbles pure"

Minimalist golden earrings for women in a clean original design.
Usually ships in: custom-made
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Pure, vibrant and elegant ladies´ earrings suitable for thousand occasions. By its clean design PURE gold earrings are just predetermined for everyday wear (and many ladies will appreciate that they can even sleep wearing them, it will not hurt neither the jewels nor the wearer) Identical ones can be worn also by the little woman for whom you are an idol - your daughter. Their design - a ball in a ball - symbolizes motherhood and the strong bond between mother and daughter. They are also a great gift matching with a silver rattle or Greg & Rich children's earrings, which will surely impress a new mother. BUbbLES PURE ladies´ earrings are made of 14K white gold and treated with a white rhodium layer so that they do not lose their lustrous glow. We want you to be exceptional, therefore the Greg & Rich designs are protected by a registration (RCD). Treasures from Greg & Rich are packed in an original white box corresponding to their exceptionality.

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