Golden ladies´ earrings "Bubbbles black"

Original and catchy earrings for women in a clean original design.
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Fancy black gold earrings highlight the stylish personality of the wearer. And exactly the same (only of course smaller) can be worn by your stylish girl. Because the ball in a ball has also a hidden meaning - it symbolizes motherhood, the bond of mother and daughter. They will be a great gift if in addition to a silver rattle or children´s earrings you want to give a gift also to the mother. After all, who deserves it more? Black gold Greg & Rich earrings by its original beauty complement any outfit so that you will not be willing to take them off - and actually you do not even need to because they are designed so that it does not hurt even when you wear them when sleeping. BUbbbLES gold women's earrings are made of 14K gold and treated by a layer of black rhodium and they are protected by a registered design. As it is customary with us, we will pack your earrings with love in a luxury box.

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