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Caring for silver rattles

A Greg & Rich baby rattle will surely become a part of your family silver and with proper care will keep its beauty and nature for many years. We use high quality sterling silver polished to a high gloss. Moreover, our rattles from the Bubbles collection are designed so that they clean themselves :) when used regularly. Natural characteristic of silver is the oxidation that occurs after a contact with salt water and substances or objects containing sulphur or acid. 

Clean the silver rattles with warm water and mild soap then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Afterwards polish it with the original cloth, enclosed by us with love. (Just for your information, it is the product of the German company Sambol and we solved its composition with the owner personally to make it absolutely safe for children). If you have taken out your family treasure after a longer time and it has a stronger patina, we recommend to have it professional cleaned by a jeweller. Store the silver rattles in the enclosed bag made of pure silk and the original box - you will protect them from scratches or abrasions that could be suffered in contact with sharp objects and jewellery.

Please, protect your rattle against strong shocks or falls, it can cause dents or scratches.

We believe that it is obvious to you, nevertheless we want to emphasize it. Before giving the silver rattle to your baby, always check it for visible damages.

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